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What will happen to the body and life span of people who use hydrogen regularly?

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  With the progress of science, scientists have found that it is not necessary to rely on the legendary "longevity medicine" and "fairy medicine" to prolong life. A healthy lifestyle is the "good prescription" for people's longevity at their fingertips, which is the foundation of health. Statistics show that a healthy lifestyle can prevent and avoid up to 80% of chronic diseases.

  At present, various related studies show that hydrogen has potential effects on various inflammation and oxidation related diseases, chronic diseases and sub-health. Because hydrogen has no side effects on human body, can be used for a long time and is convenient, all these evidences show that it is inevitable that hydrogen molecular health will become an important part of healthy lifestyle.

① Effectiveness is the basis of hydrogen selection.

  The method of health intervention must be effective first. Healthy lifestyle, such as diet, exercise, etc., are very clear health promotion methods, supported by a large number of basic and population research evidence, and even become common sense of life. Although the depth and breadth of research on chronic diseases and health promotion of hydrogen can't be compared with these intervention methods, and the popularity is not high, there are a lot of research evidences to support it.

  A large amount of medical research on hydrogen gas accumulated in more than 10 years shows that hydrogen gas can intervene more than 100 diseases and injuries by selectively resisting oxidation and reducing inflammation and other biological effects. At present, hydrogen medicine has not only a large number of basic medical research, but also a considerable number of clinical research, which shows that there is more evidence-based medical evidence for the intervention of hydrogen in diseases.

② Safety is an important condition for health intervention with hydrogen.

  People can widely accept these health methods or preventive medicine tools such as exercise and diet. The key reason is that these methods are very safe. Exercise and diet are the daily lifestyle, and promoting healthy exercise and diet is the optimization of daily lifestyle. People won't worry about the safety of these methods. There is basically a consensus on the effects of these methods.

  The reason why hydrogen can also become an important part of healthy lifestyle is that the health and safety of hydrogen molecules are relatively high, and there is strong evidence and academic support. As far as human evidence is concerned, diving medicine once used super-large doses of hydrogen to divers, and no obvious side effects were found. At present, the dosage of hydrogen used in health and medical research is extremely small, and its safety is greatly guaranteed.

③ Convenience is an important characteristic of hydrogen.

  Health interventions need to be popularized in large-scale population, and must be simple and convenient. Nutrition means eating well, and exercise means doing more activities. These interventions are convenient.

  Hydrogen molecular health also has such characteristics. It is a health method that does not change the lifestyle and basically does not interfere with the current daily life rhythm of users. For example, drinking hydrogen water is exactly the same as ordinary drinking water in terms of operation, but the difference is to change the type of drinking water; Bathing with hydrogen water, the process is no different from ordinary bathing, the difference is the use of water containing hydrogen; Inhalation of hydrogen is also very simple. Take a nasal straw, and you can inhale hydrogen while working/relaxing, and so on.

What will happen to the body and life span of people who use hydrogen regularly?

  Many hydrogen friends react, but they don't feel anything after using hydrogen. Is there any immediate reaction in the human body after using hydrogen? The answer is yes, these human reactions need to be detected by instruments.

  Japanese scholars used a portable hydrogen absorption device (the flow rate is estimated at 50-100ml/min) to detect the physiological changes of 17 young women before and after hydrogen absorption in just 10 minutes. It was found that the fatigue of people decreased, the brain excitement, attention and short-term memory improved, the brain pressure score decreased, the forehead blood flow increased, and the skin temperature at the tip of fingers increased.

So what is the effect of daily hydrogen absorption for 2 weeks?

  Japanese scholars also tested the brain state of the elderly before and after 2 weeks of hydrogen inhalation, and found that memory increased, cognitive ability, vision and hearing were improved, and the inflammation of brain cells was also greatly reduced, which also meant that the damage and aging rate of brain cells slowed down. Can long-term use prevent brain aging problems such as Alzheimer's disease?


  The above research mainly examines the influence of hydrogen on brain blood circulation and function. Maybe we can get many conclusions by examining other organs and tissues. At least we know that hydrogen will soon affect some functions of human body after it enters human body. For example, when hydrogen breathes, hydrogen can reach every part of the human body unimpeded, including brain cells tightly blocked by the blood-brain barrier.

  In a word, hydrogen is often used and persisted for many years. Hydrogen will subtly adjust the functional state of various tissues and cells in the body and improve the physical condition, and it will reflect the changes of some detection indexes in the whole body, such as the reduction of blood lipid, the reduction of fatty liver degree, the improvement of sleep and intestinal problems, etc., and finally guarantee our smooth and stable life activities and get a healthy old age.

  The characteristic of medicine is that if we don't use hydrogen, we will never know what role it can play for us. Time will tell us the health significance of hydrogen medicine.