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Four reasons for using hydrogen with confidence!

Time : 2022-09-15 Hits : 6

  We can generally use "mild, reducing, safe and easy to deliver" to summarize the characteristics of hydrogen. Many kinds of cell models and animal models (zebrafish and mice) experiments also support this conclusion. These characteristics make us very confident in using hydrogen.


1. Stability determines the safety of hydrogen:

  Although hydrogen can burn and has reducibility, it has been proved to be a biological inert gas, that is, it can not easily interact with physiologically active molecules in the body like oxygen free radicals or carbon monoxide. The prerequisite for hydrogen molecules to play a role is that the acting molecules are highly active, and this process may also require specific enzymes to promote its occurrence, which all determines the safety of hydrogen.

2. Diffusibility:

  Small hydrogen molecules move very flexibly and can spread freely quickly. In addition, hydrogen molecules have no polarity, so they can easily cross the lipid bilayer, which is the peripheral structure of cell membranes and many organelles. The flexibility makes hydrogen molecules have the skill of "penetrating walls" (cell membrane structure) unmatched by other substances. Of course, hydrogen also quickly spreads to any part in the body with this ability; At the same time, hydrogen molecules can also be quickly emitted out of the body without staying in the body for a long time.


3. Moderate reducibility:

  When it comes to reducibility, we can easily think of many bioactive substances, such as vitamin C, polyphenols, etc. They are loved and deeply studied by human beings, and some of them have been developed into drugs and other products. However, the difference between hydrogen and hydrogen is that although hydrogen has reducibility, its reducing effect is relatively moderate, and it only specifically neutralizes toxic free radicals such as hydroxyl radicals. Therefore, hydrogen is not easy to disturb the normal physiological redox reaction in vivo.

4. Safety of the product:

  The product of hydrogen reaction in the body is hydrogen oxide, and the important and stable one is water molecule, which is safe and harmless. In addition, the reaction process of hydrogen is mild, the produced water molecules are stable and no longer have strong activity, and the reaction is terminated immediately, and no further secondary metabolites are produced (unlike some products of reducing substances, which still have high activity and are easy to produce a series of cascade reactions). Therefore, this makes the reaction product of hydrogen safe and harmless.